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A leading company from Jordan that holds business events and digital media platform, strives to accelerate innovation & digital transformation in the region.

Fintech Summit, World Social Media Forum and Autotech Summit Middle East, alongside publishing digital media platform: Fintech NewsWeek. We offer unique opportunities for learning, networking, and business. Focused on fostering sustainable growth, we translate trends into actionable insights, enabling leaders to make informed business decisions. moments. brings together policymakers, experts, and technology leaders to empower businesses and find solutions to challenges.


Our mission is to drive sustainable growth in Middle East by empowering leaders across sectors. Through events and media, we provide actionable insights, foster collaboration, and enable better business decisions. We aim to be a trusted partner, bringing innovative ideas to the forefront and leaving a lasting impact on the business landscape.


Our vision is to lead in business events and digital media in Middle East, redefining industry standards. We aim to foster human connections, insights, and influence for sustainable growth. Through innovation and understanding our community’s needs, we’ll shape the business and digital media landscape in the region.

For 10 years, our events leads pioneering conversation, inspires innovation and new technologies that changes people’s lives

Rooted in our “human first” philosophy, we focus on fostering sustainable growth by translating trends into actionable insights, enabling leaders to make informed business decisions.

Human-First Approach

Prioritize the human element in all activities, ensuring that our events and media platforms resonate with authentic connections and meaningful experiences.

Sustainable Growth Promotion

Actively contribute to sustainable growth in the region by empowering leaders across sectors with the knowledge to turn trends into actionable strategies.

Insights and Influence

Combine innovative thinking, deep insights, and influential perspectives from the professional community to deliver impactful ideas.


A portfolio of world's leading business events and influential media platforms that brings people together through information, knowlegde and world-class content

“Utilizing our content expertise and technological capabilities, we continuously invest in innovation to anticipate and fulfill audience needs, ensuring our sustained leadership in a dynamic industry.

Our recent announcement of new products and services underscores our commitment to business expansion, offering enhanced choice, information, and engagement across three key verticals.”

Our events promote innovation and new technologies that changes people’s lives. We partner with the world’s leading companies & innovators to make a difference.

Owns a leading digital media platforms from finance, tourism to fashion, our collection of media brands focus on the evolving needs of today’s audiences, with a focus on topics that impact the Arab world.

A consultancy entity specialized in the advancement of business processes for public & private entities through the deployment of digital transformation strategies to help visionary organizations step into a confident digital future.


A portfolio of world’s leading business events and influential media platforms that brings people together through information, knowledge and world-class content.




A prestigious annual event, honoring & celebrating exceptional achievements across diverse sectors. Named after the majestic peacock, renowned for its vibrant plumage and symbolic representation of beauty and distinction. The Peacock Awards have become synonymous with honoring innovators who have demonstrated unparalleled creativity, impact & leadership. Judging is conducted by a panel of experts rigorously evaluates nominees based on criteria like innovation, impact, scalability, sustainability, and overall contribution to their field.


Combining innovative, insights & influence with hands-on expertise from the professional community, we deliver impactful ideas through our publications, website, and forums.


We bring outstanding service and quality to our customers that together deliver premium value, insight and information.


We uphold the highest standard of integrity in all of our action. We always look for new ways to provide better service and more opportunities.


We develop relationship that make a positive difference in our customers lives by adding an inspired touch.


We work together across boundaries to meet the needs of our customers & to help the company win.


What makes us different is the combination of insights, creative innovation & our global influence. It’s a formula that drives business value and creates change.

[insight + innovation + influence] = impact.


Our team sheds light on policy choices through benchmarks, economic and social impact analysis, forecasting and scenario modelling.


Our creative team delivers compelling cross-platform solutions and formats – immersive storytelling, design thinking and interactive digital solutions.


From social media to fintech, we engage the world’s most influential audience, enabling our partners to lead on a global stage.